Being supported by the most prominent shareholders, institutions, NGOs, academicians and companies MOBISAD-IMEX Exhibition will be held with its entire innovations at the Istanbul Exhibition Center on 10-13 October, 2024.

  • Communication
  • Mobile Communication
  • Information Technologies
  • Information
  • Software
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Gaming
  • Latest technologies

The unprecedented event which brings these private sectors under one single roof

Under the management of MOBISAD, the Businesspersons Association of Mobile Communication Devices and Information Technologies, and within the organization of Marmara Fair Organization that is the deepest-seated company with its 24-year experience in these sectors,


is bringing the most distinguished shareholders of the sector together for the first time in terms of the scale and the scope.

MOBISAD-IMEX Exhibition will be held at the Istanbul Exhibition Center on 10-13 October, 2024, and will be a splendid event that will bring together the sector’s entire prominent companies, institutions, NGOs, academicians as well as all the other shareholders.

At MOBISAD-IMEX Exhibition which will be an international convention beginning from its first year and be participated in by companies from the sectors of the mobile communication, information technologies, software, gaming, and consumer electronics, global companies will exhibit their products as of its first year while visitors from more than 40 countries from all over the world are expected to follow the exhibition as purchasers.

Being the only international event held domestically in that scope, you are kindly invited to join us to utilize the business relations and cooperation created by MOBISAD-IMEX.