MOBISAD-IMEX Exhibition will host today’s latest technologies in addition to the products, systems and technologies of the future.

Thanks to MOBISAD-IMEX Exhibition,

  • The communication, mobile communication, and information technologies sectors will convene for the first time at an event within that scope;
  • A technology convention will be held in its full sense with the participation of the information, software, consumer electronics, gaming, and the latest technologies sectors;
  • A sector convention and spectacle that has been expected and awaited for many years within the country;
  • The global brands of the sector will participate in an exhibition held domestically within that scope;
  • Our country will lead the path to become the center of convention and attraction of these sectors;
  • The complete shareholders of the sector will come together for the first time;
  • The developments in the sector and the products, the latest products, and the latest technologies are to be exhibited;
  • The technologies of the future will be exhibited, and exchange of information relating to the future will be executed;
  • The users of the products and the solutions will meet the sector companies, and contribute to the improvement of the sector via providing them with feedback;
  • An increase in the cooperation among the sector companies will be accomplished;
  • Different sector segments that have no contact with each other despite serving in the same sector will meet each other and establish new business relations;
  • The sector companies will get to know each other, and the cooperation and interaction within the sector will witness a noteworthy increase;
  • Competitors will meet each other and have chances to get the upper hand in the competition;
  • The investors will seize opportunities for new investments while enterprises meet new investors;
  • A flow of information will continue for 4 days with conferences, solution demonstrations, panels, presentations and product exhibitions;
  • Both international and esteemed national speakers will convey their invaluable knowledge.

Briefly stated,

After having been looked forward to for many years by the whole companies, product users, and the whole shareholders of the sector,