About the Conference – MOBİSAD – IMEX

About the Conference

Being beyond an exhibition, it will be an event that covers the sector in 360° thanks to the concurrent conference.

MOBISAD-IMEX Exhibition will not be an event that will solely exhibit the products of companies. Various halls located at the exhibition site will, in concurrence with the exhibition, host

  • Conference, Sessions, Panels;
  • Solution demonstrations, presentations on best practices;
  • Workshops;
  • Shows, entertaining activities, career planning activities.

The conference, the sessions

The Conference within the scope of MOBISAD-IMEX Exhibition will host different sessions that will be held for 3 days. The Conference where various names with expertise in their fields will participate as speakers, the most significant and the most up-to-date topics will be debated about , broad knowledge and invaluable experiences will be shared with different viewpoints, the most distinguished speakers and audience will appear will improve the sector one step further.


During the panels that will be held within the scope of the Conference, the names, institution representatives, academicians that have a say in the sector will get together and share the current status of the sector. All the panels will be held in the format of Q&A and exchange of information between the speakers and the audience.

Solution demonstrations, product exhibitions, best practices

MOBISAD-IMEX Exhibition will, halls located in different sites, also host the companies’ solution demonstrations, product exhibitions, and Best Practices activities.


The workshops where the state of the sector will be analyzed & determined and what should be done to excel the current state is discussed will address all the issues that need to be conveyed to the related public bodies; and the results of the workshops will be delivered to every necessary groups to enable the improvement of the sector.

Shows, entertaining activities, career meetings

The most indispensable activities of MOBISAD-IMEX that will be a technology convention in its full sense are shows, entertaining activities; contests, awards, and gifting. In a specially designated area at the exhibition site, there will also be want ads of the companies, CVs in addition to career meetings where employers will meet employees.